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Alpha Western PA is devoted to helping churches and individuals in our area connect and restore lives to Jesus using the tool of Alpha. We have personally witnessed God's amazing transforming power in the lives of people who have attended Alpha courses we have led. We now have a passion to see this happen all over Western PA and beyond.  It is our goal to help believers reach their unchurched friends, family, neighborhoods and communities with the Gospel message using this simple, modern, friendship based evangelism tool. Free and easy to implement in group or one-on-one settings, Alpha is being run all over the world in churches, homes, coffee shops, workplaces, prisons and more. Anywhere friends gather is an opportunity for Alpha! 

Who will you invite

Originally commissioned in March of 2016 as the Western Pennsylvania Advisory Team of Alpha Mid Atlantic, we are now a 501(c)3 non profit corporation Connecting And Restoring Lives Ministries operating as Alpha Western PA. We are grateful to God for the growth of our ministry and to Alpha Mid Atlantic for their mentorship, love and prayers. 

Choose from Alpha Youth Film Series with built in discussion breaks or the New Alpha Film Series launched in September 2016. 

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